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With the creation of the Homestead Act in 1862, large numbers of settlers began moving into the Nebraska territory. However, large insurance companies in the eastern United States were unwilling to conduct business west of the Mississippi River due to the unsettled nature of the area. As each homesteader received 160 acres, the population of people where highly scattered, with undeveloped roads and fire stations few and far between. These large companies concluded that insuring against fire loss was impractical since there was very little chance to control any property fires once they started. This deficiency necessitated the formation of smaller, local insurance companies.

Western United Mutual Insurance Association developed from a consolidation of three of these local Nebraskan insurance companies. Western Union Mutual Insurance Association of Wilber merged with Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of DeWitt on January 1, 2001. Three years later, on January 1, 2004, Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Thayer County in Deshler joined as well.

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Board of Directors

John Kastanek, Wilber, NE

Vice President
Randall Huls, Cortland, NE

Kenneth Ripa, Wilber, NE

S. Scott Bartels, Western, NE
Brian Isernhagen, Deshler, NE
Verdell Koch, DeWitt, NE
Andy Schoen, Adams, NE
Dustin Weber, Exeter, NE
Eugene Wollenburg, DeWitt, NE
Kenneth Zoubek, Milligan, NE

Annual Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting for Western United Mutual Insurance Association of Wilber, NE is held on the second Tuesday in March at 1:30 p.m.

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